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The Residences at River Club - Design Vision Presentation


Click the link below to see the full Design Vision Presentation that was recently submitted to Garden City. The goal was to create a document to communicate the project's design principles and high-quality architectural character. While the architecture illustrated in the 3D renderings is preliminary and will be more fully developed at the Design Review application phase, the site plans and renderings provide the look and feel of the project and the experience it will offer for those who live in the development and for others in the community that will visit. 

Lincoln and their team members, along with The River Club are excited to provide this presentation and are committed to developing a project that will be of enduring value to Garden City.

Click Here to View the Full Presentation


Other Information

Stay up to date on the Save Plantation Coalition and their partnership with The River Club and our future plans.

SAPFY2022-0001 River Club Specific Area Plan- Pending Submittal

This site will be the location for all items related to the application and its processing so the public can view the information. 

Interview with the Owner

Mark Johnson, a longtime Member of the Club and resident of the community, asked Will Gustafson, Owner of The River Club, to sit down and discuss some questions that have come up recently with regard to the planned development and the future of The River Club. Click the link below to read through Mark and Will's discussion